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pumpkin - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

All of my candles are made from soy wax with no additives, GMO material or paraffin.  I use 100% plant based cosmetic and therapeutic grade essential oils for the purest natural aroma.  Enjoy with confidence for a safe and sensual experience.

Cedarwood & Pine (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • I find this a very calming aroma that relieves anxiety and promotes a restorative sleep

Jasmine (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • Richly aromatic, evoking Spring and Summer gardens

Lavender (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • I find the clarity and focus of aromatic lavender dissolves stress and tension while aiding restful sleep

Lemongrass & Maychang (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • I love this aroma when I’m in need of a fresh outlook or considering new ideas – invigorating!

Lily of the valley (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • This evokes happy memories of the aromas from a traditional.

Lime & Grapefruit (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • Such an uplifting fragrance for any occasion!

Rose (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • One of the most recognizable and evocative aromas.

Spearmint & Eucalyptus(Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • I find this so refreshing when fatigue and stress are present

Vanilla (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • A delicious and familiar aromatic fragrance

Ylang Ylang (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • I find this has a beautiful floral aroma shown to increase calmness and reduce stress.

Please note that all batches are handmade and may vary slightly in texture and appearance.  It burns approximately 35 hours and is 9cm wide x  11 cm high.