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Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser

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Diffusing essential oils is a therapeutic way to make our mind and body relaxed and calm.                                          

Jasmine (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • Richly aromatic, evoking Spring and Summer gardens

Lavender (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • I find the clarity and focus of aromatic lavender dissolves stress and tension while aiding restful sleep

Lily of the valley (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • This evokes happy memories of the aromas from a traditional.

Rose (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • One of the most recognizable and evocative aromas.

Vanilla (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • A delicious and familiar aromatic fragrance

Please note that all batches are handmade and may vary slightly in texture and appearance.  

Adults please keep diffusers beyond the reach of children and pets.The diffuser liquid contains pure alcohol, botanical plant based essential oil and spring water and is free from dipropylene glycol. This diffuser essential oil is flammable- do not light and keep away from open flame. Do not ingest this. Diffuser oil will stain wood surfaces. Please store in a cool place.             

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