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Chia Seed facial moisturiser 100ml

Chia Seed facial moisturiser 100ml

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This Chia Seed facial moisturiser is an excellent day moisturiser. This moisturiser contains pure chamomile hydrosol with essential nutrition and antioxidant vitamins. We lose our own skin moisture not only through air conditioners and heaters during indoor work but also from outdoor work. Hydration is essential for maintaining youthful skin. You can mist whenever your skin feels dehydrated. It will not only strengthen your skin cells but also aid in skin regeneration while releasing a beautiful aroma. This Chia Seed moisturiser is suitable for all skin types.

Please note that all batches are handmade and may vary slightly in texture and appearance. 

Made with chamomile hydrosol, certified organic glycerin, certified organic safflower, certified organic sesame, certified organic chia seed,  certified organic wheat germ oils, organically grown chamomile, kawakawa, burdock, St. John’s Wort, dehydroacetic acid & benzyl alcohol (ecocer-approved preservative in ecological and organic certified cosmetics), certified organic maychang & certified organic lemongrass essential oils 

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