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Calendula facial cleansing bar

Calendula facial cleansing bar

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This calendula facial cleansing bar is made with all natural oils and butters, beneficial herbs and plant based essential oils. The foaming is very gentle and silky to massage and cleanse your face, bringing a natural balance to your skin tone. Calendula flowers are known for their calming, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing properties. They are high in carotenoids which repair skin cells and sterols which can strengthen skin. This calendula facial cleansing bar is beneficial for sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin. After cleansing you can follow with any choice of facial toner, serum and then cream as a range.     

Please note that all batches are handmade and may vary slightly in texture and appearance. 

120 grams approx. 

Made with saponified certified organic extra virgin olive, certified organic coconut oils, certified organic cocoa butter, certified organic shea butter, certified organic castor oil, organic beeswax, organically grown calendula, organically grown lavender essential oil.  

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