Xmas Newsletter 2021

Xmas Newsletter

After more than 5 months away caring for family in Korea, I am so happy to be home and back in my garden! I completely missed Winter and have come back to the splendour of late Spring with so much growth.

Lavender are forming buds while chamomile, comfrey, calendula and my Damask roses are all flowering. Arnica, which sits quietly dormant underground over winter has spread and looks set to yield the best crop yet, while plantain, gotu cola, burdock and nettles all look so healthy! Echinacea has self seeded and always produces some of my favourite late summer blooms. Aloe vera, rosemary and hypericum are loving the warmth while hops are rapidly filling their frame. Lemon verbena and Kawakawa are flush with fragrant leaves and our citrus and edible garden looks amazing thanks to my partner!

I’m excited to produce more of my own hydrosol and a small quantity of lavender essential oil with an Alembic still this year and have new glassware designs for my range of soy wax and essential oil candles. After a great deal of searching and trials I am also very happy to supply a range of superb organic essential oils from a trusted source for aromatherapy.

I wish you all a happy and healthy summer spent with those you care most about.

In good health,


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