Soo's Garden Winter Newsletter

Welcome to my first seasonal newsletter! I hope this finds you healthy, warm and in good spirits. Restrictions over the last few weeks have given me an opportunity to slow down a little and gather my thoughts without markets or even the ability to send products out by courier under level 4.  With more time to read, I have been studying philosophy, English and as always, researching the natural nutrition and health benefits of botanicals.  Autumn harvesting in our garden has given way to seasonal pruning, lots of weeding and composting for winter crops.  As we work our way towards a resumption of normal living, I have a renewed appreciation of the people my work has introduced to me through markets and my website. 

Punica granatum better known as pomegrante is amazing! This beautiful and unusual fruit has a multitude of recorded health benefits aside from its tasty culinary uses. Its health benefits have been utilized by civilizations from the ancient Middle East to its contemporary resurgence as modern science has uncovered its biochemical contents and modes of action. What follows is a short expose on one of my favourite beneficial plants. 

The seed oil of pomegranate contains very high levels of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA which improves our skins ability to retain moisture by increasing our natural ceramide production.  The benefits of CLA extend to the repair of cracked and damaged skin as well as improving overall elasticity.  It has soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities as well as being anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and slowing the visible signs of aging skin.  There is a wealth of literature on the anti-aging and medicinal effects of this polyunsaturated fatty acid including the treatment of psoriasis and eczema.  The highest quality pomegranate oil is cold pressed from dried seeds which then contain the fullest complement of beneficial acids, nutrients and polyphenols.  In my research, I have found many references to the repair of sun damaged skin and the protection of skin from UV damage.  The pomegranate is a wonderful example of how ethnobotanical knowledge remains relevant to modern healthy living.  I’m very happy to offer the benefits of this incredible plant in many of my skincare products.

 As winter markets are a little scarce, please feel free to make use of my website for your regular skincare needs or contact me if you have particular requests.  Take care and thanks for your support.

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