Soo's Garden Spring 2020 newsletter

2020 Spring Newsletter

Phonological indications of Spring seem to occur earlier each year with budburst and new growth taking a bite out of Winter’s seasonal share!  Nonetheless, Spring is certainly here with life pouring back into the garden and the equinox winds reminding us of the temperature transition.  It’s an exciting time for me personally and an opportunity to use what I’ve learned to make changes in the garden that set the scene for another growing season. 

I would like to highlight a particular interest of mine in each of these seasonal newsletters and for Spring I have chosen avocado.  In this exposition on nutrition, the late Quentin Grady was so enamored with avocados that he proposed they be reclassified as their own food group!  As a food, they are about 70% water, with ¾ of the calories of bread by weight, high in fibre, packed with useful minerals and about 15% highly beneficial healthy fats.  In my field, it’s the cellular nutrition of avocado oils that I find fascinating.  Despite being densely packed with an impressive array of beneficial plant derived nutrition and protection, the oil is light and easily absorbed into the epidermal layers where we need it.  As well as containing high levels of omega-9 and omega-3, antioxidants and being high in fibre it contains a multitude of vitamins and importantly, vitamin co-factors K, Na and Mg.  As we age, our skin collagen levels naturally decrease.  Avocado oil and it’s oleic acid content in particular is involved in collagen synthesis and slowing this decline.  Collagen is particularly important for skin elasticity and moisture retention.  As well as providing resilience to age and environmental damage, avocado oil is beneficial to cell regeneration and repair of sun and wind damaged skin where vitamin E, beta carotene and lecithin play a role.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can benefit some skin conditions.  I use this amazing oil (certified organic) in my serums, creams, cleansers, lotions and hair products with confidence in the benefit to our cellular health.

I look forward to seeing you at markets which are resuming now or hearing from you through my website.  Enjoy the season!

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