Soo's Garden 2023 Summer Newsletter

Soo's Garden 2023 Summer Newsletter

Summer should occur from December to February which would currently put us in the middle of what you might reasonably expect to be a period of hot and dry weather with BBQ’s and carefully managed irrigation in the garden.  This Summer, however, is more like a wet and warm Spring which has given us little cause to reach for the hose!  Plant growth has been spectacular, matched unfortunately by enthusiastic weeds!  Every growing season has its own character and this one has me curious and excited to see what February and March deliver. 

It's a busy time in the garden.  I will be harvesting lavender shortly, which looks spectacular and has provided work for so many bees! Chamomile, calendula and hypericum flowers have been abundant this year.  We are currently using large Perilla leaves as a spicy wrap with meals while waiting for seeds to mature which contribute to my shampoo bars.  The hops have completely covered their frame with healthy green foliage but it’s a little early to speculate on cone production and the pending Autumn harvest.  Always an aromatic event!

The frequency of markets has slowed from the pre-Xmas carnival and I’m enjoying the change of pace and some time at home.  I hope you have managed some time with friends, family or just time to yourself and a break from the routines of a demanding life.  I wish you all health and happiness in the year to come.


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