Soo's Garden 2022 Spring News

Soo's Garden 2022 Spring News

While I take pleasure in the changes delivered by every season, there is nothing quite like Spring to fill you up with its energetic sense of renewal. 

We survived a couple of early frosts and are now busily tending existing gardens while creating new ones in our ever-decreasing lawn!  Plants that over-winter underground like arnica, hops and echinacea have enthusiastically broken the warming soil in search of sunlight.  Others like lavender and lemon verbena are covered in new growth while new plantings of chamomile and calendula are already bright and full of colour.  After such a wet winter, it feels a little ironic to be watering again but this is the Hawke’s Bay!

Those of you who come to markets have no doubt noticed the positive Spring mood.  There has been great support of the markets I attend throughout the Manawatu, Wairarapa and Wellington.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts, kind words and interest in the natural products I make.  I’m excited to offer a new range of essential oil soy wax candles which include Lilly of the Valley, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Mint.

I hope you have enjoyed the long weekend and find happiness in the world that grows around us.

Good health,


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