Soo's Garden 2022 Autumn Newsletter

Soo's Garden 2022 Autumn Newsletter

2022 Autumn Newsletter

The Autumn weather has settled after a wild and wet beginning leaving us with cool nights and fresh, fine days. It’s such a nice time to reflect on the seasonal harvest, which this year produced an abundance of wonderful primary botanicals. Arnica, hops, perilla and lavender have filled my drying room with enticing aromas full of promise.

This week, I’ve been busy distilling hydrosols from lavender and beautifully scented rose geranium. Distillation also yields small, precious quantities of essential oil which are exhilarating and delightful to work with.

With the traffic light settings now at orange, a more regular market schedule has become possible. I will post upcoming markets on my website. I’m certainly looking forward to catching up with many of you in person over the coming months. Stay safe and well as you enjoy these late Autumn days.

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